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January 28th –  FEBUARY 8th.– 2008  MISSION TRIP RESULTS

Life in the Nations India.

Dear Prayer Partner

Thank you for your prayers, Myself and Gaynor and the L.I.T.N team have returned from the mission trip to India safely.
During our 12 days we had the great privilege to open our Touching Heaven Orphanage a year after finding the funds and having
planned and hired the builders and completed the project with the final cost of £10,600.
Our 14 orphans were very happy to move into their new home and not before time I must say.
Please Pray as we now have 18 children in total, 4 more children after my B.B.C radio interveiw and newspaper stories
The orphanage has places for a total of 40 children plus, now I call into being by faith those things that are not as if they were, yes we need 22 more sponsors.This can be done by a bank standing order of £10.00 per child,
contact number 07940567001 or email and save a life of a child.
D.V.Ds are available of the opening of the orphanage, orphans, and mission trip at £5.00 per d.v.d all money will go to the running of the orphanage.
If you would like me or a L.I.T.N Presenter to come to your Church to preach and bring a presentation of our work there feel free to contact me

More News of the mission trip.
All 6 team members were busy working with the children in the orphanage,praying as prayer partners during this trip and giving testimonies.
Senior Pastor Martin Rees, Pastor Gaynor Rees and Pastor Paul Leader were preaching and teaching in the 5 day city wide crusade 2 day
Leaders & Pastors meetings, 4 days morning bible studies, these were very powerful times in God.

Results of mission Trip.
The Attendance during 5 days city crusade 106,000 people.
Decisions made for Christ 12,200 people.
Baptisms in the Holy Spirit 1,050 people.
Healings 655 people.
Deliverance from fears e.t.c these people have peace. 3,500 people.
This report was made Senior Pastor Baburao of L.I.T.N India and many other Pastors at these events.

This years Team.
Senior Pastor Martin Rees. ( L.I.T.N Co-Founder)
Pastor Gaynor Rees.( L.I.T.N.Co-Founder)
Prayer Partners Clare Rees.
Pastor Paul Leader. (L.I.T.N Mission Director
Prayer Partners Ken Hawkins(L.I.T.N Trustee)
Prayer Partners Avril Bennett. (L.I.T.N Trustee)

Some miracles confirmed at the time of prayer.
Dr. Pameshbabu - Throat problem Healed Totally.
Mr Subbarbarao - Bad Heart Problems Healed Totally
6 Year old boy - Deaf & dumb Miracle totally Healed.
9 year old girl - Deaf Healed.
Mr Srnivasarao - Kidney problem for 2 years Healed.
Mrs Kunari - bone Cancer suffering for 2 Years Healed.
Mr Sankarrao - Brain problem suffering with heavy pains Healed.
Mr& Mrs - marriage restored by the word of God  
Mrs Renuka - Head Pains Healed.
Mr Basker - Heart Problem Healed.
Mrs Radhamma - Walking problem (bad legs) Healed.
Mrs Narasamma - Eye Sight Healed.
Mr Nega - Pains in every part of his body Healed.
MIiss Bujji aged 20 year old - Deaf Healed.
Mr Sambasivarao deformed and Paralysed, Healed of paralysis, Saved, and now waiting for water baptism
Mrs Sambasivarao delivered from demons Delivered now happy
Mrs Sridevi Back problem with bad pain Healed
These are just a few of Gods wonders

Touching Heaven and Changing Earth Prayer Day.
This was a great day with 45,000 people praying together at one time, this prayer was lead by Senior Pastor Martin Rees.
More stories Photos and testimonies soon

Thank you for you support and prayers.

Your in His Service
Founder Martin Rees
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