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Rev Dr Martin Rees and a Life in the Nations International team Members Pastor Godfrey Davey, Mrs Yvonne Davey, Kennth Dewi Hawkins, Mark Ellis went once again on mission to India for twelve days they experienced an awesome time in God.
5 day city wide crusade was under taken, one of these day was for Touching heaven and change Earth day of Prayer and fasting,and two days Pastors & Leaders and other meetings.
Total decisions for Christ.over the twelve days 9,805 people
People healed 2,207
People filled with the Holy Spirit 2,920
Total attendent of people over 12 days 87,875
Rev Dr Martin Rees received his Honrary doctorate from The India Baptist Christ Mission a wonderful time was experienced by all.
A day for visitingThe Life in the Nations orphanage Called Touching Heaven, all enjoyed the time that they spent with the orphans giving out gifts and new clothing,
All orphans sent their love as they spoke on video camera to all their sponsors here in uk.
Rev Dr Baburao who oversees Life in The Nations India, would like to thank all the sponsors that sponsor the orphans and Pastors there in India and also Life in the Nations International for their great generosity in giving and for blessing the less unfortunate in India.
Our present project that we feel the Lord has laid upon our hearts is to build another stories high upon the orphanage, because so many homeless children are wanting to come into the orphanage and more space is required.
Estimated cost will follow in due course, and orphanage plans will be put on the web site shortly, please pray about giving into this much needed project and please consider sponsoring an orphan, pastor, or widow for £10.00 a month.
The £10.00 for the orphans provides them with food, accommodation, clothes, education and some medical help.
The £10.00 for the pastor provides them with rice, to feed themselves and family.
The £10 .00 for the widows will provide them with a small income and in return help with the looking after the orphans.
For enquirers to Rev Dr Martin Lloyd Rees
Phone 07940567001
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