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Report from India 19th. February, 2004.

Respected My Dear Founder MARTIN REES.

Greetings to you in the name of our Lord and Saviour JESUS CHRIST.
By the Grace of God 10 Days LITN INDIA mission trip is going well.

I felt so happy in my heart. Thank you for your first visit to LITN INDIA.

When I see you personally I felt so happy in my heart. In 10 days I see personally in to your heart, your heart is so good and pure. You are a man of missions.  Thank you for your wonderful
deliverance word of God in LITN India trip. All our LITN Pastors are so happy.  All our Pastors talk to me on the phone about you. They feel so happy.  And our village crusades Pastors are very happy about your word of God. They talk to me on the phone, their church believers are very Much encouraged for your Word of God. Evil spirit relieve and cast out of  many people. They tell you they are very free now.  And next trip all our LITN Pastors want you to please spend more time in LITN India Field.

And also from four days I received nearly 20 phone calls from different places. They discuss with me about your preaching. Some people are ready to take baptisms.  Next month I will give some baptisms.

A). On your 10 days trip thousands of people take decisions:

 Date:  Location:       Number of
     Confirmed decisions:      

 1).    4-2-2004  Guntur   150
 2).   5-2-2004  Guntur   350
3).   6-2-2004  Guntur    600
 4).   7-2-2004  Guntur    700
 5).   8-2-2004  Guntur            1600
6).   9-2-2004  Dhulipudi   130
7). 10-2-2004 Bhattiprolu  150
8). 11-2-2004 Bhattiprolu  110
9). 12-2-2004 LAM     130
                                   3920 - People are Taking Decision.

B).  Baptisms in water - 16.
C).  Baptisms in Holy Sprit - Hundreds of People.
D).  Fixed names to children - 5 Children.
E).  All our LITN Pastors, Church Believers, Other Church People (in Guntur  Crusades ) are very much encouraged with your word of God.
F). Evil Spirits deliverance - from 9 people.
G). From 4 days many phone calls I received about Alex singing. People are  very happy with Alex singing.
H). In Lam village and Godavarru village and Bhattiprolu village hundreds of  people are very much encouraged about Kens testimony. Our Pastors talk to  me personally about Ken testimony.

Your 10 days LITN India mission trip given good results. It is GLORY to GOD. I feel it is good results.  Did you feel the same ?   How is LITN India field ?.  I trust you are happy ..

I love you FOREVER. Please e-mail Soon ...

Convey My Greetings to ..

*Mother Gaynor.
*Sister Clare.
*Brother Alex & Ceriann.
*Brother Ken & Sheila.
*Brother Mark & Lynda Ellis .
*And All our UK Staff.
*Brother Peter - Holland.
*And All our LITN Other Countries Staff.

Yours in His Service.

K. Baburao.

Senior Pastor
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