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China: Sister Chang's obedience

Sister Chang, leader of a house church in China's Henan Province, heard God tell her to preach the Gospel on the steps of the local Police Station. "Even in the West, doing something like that can get you arrested," reports mission agency Asia Harvest, "in Communist China, it's a sure way to be severely
punished." However, the impression remained clear after prayer, so Sister Chang boldly preached the Gospel to astonished passers-by from the top step in front of the Police Station. Only a few minutes later, she was arrested and thrown into the women's jail without due process, together with thousands of lost people. There, she could proclaim the Gospel with boldness and love; in 3 months, 800 women decided to follow Jesus. The whole atmosphere in the jail as transformed. The Director wanted to know what had caused the change, and found out that it was Sister Chang's sermons. He called her into his office, telling her "You have made my job easy! The fights between the inmates have stopped; the women have become gentle and obedient. We need more people like you.  From today, you are not only free, but also have a job here (paid an astonishing 3,000 Yuan - US$375 - per month), a car with chauffeur and a spacious apartment." Chang turned the offer down. "Jesus has been wonderful to me Since I've known him. I don't think the offer of a salary; car and chauffeur match his plans for my life. I belong to Jesus alone, and I want to preach the good news." Despite her refusal, Chang was released and can server her Lord unhindered.
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