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From:  K. Baburao. Senior Pastor.
Life in the Nations International. A. P.  S. India.

To: Respected. Founder Martin Rees.

Greetings to you in the Name of our Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ.
I Hope and Trust all is Well in UK.

Dear Founder,
A Few Days ago one of our Life in the Nations Pastor G. Mark was Going to Preach Gospel in the forest area.  The Tribe is called GONDE People. In This Forest HUMAN SACRIFICES are made twice yearly, for the Forest God. This Gonde People have a system of human sacrifice with family members. But, some people go into the forest because they want to work with the Gonde tribe. Some of these people are kidnapped and used for human sacrifice to their Forest god.

Our Pastor G. MARK, ( L. I. T. N) was going to preach the Gospel at that time and tribal people kidnapped him and held him captive. Our Pastor was put into a hut for a total of one night.  Early in the morning they came to get our Pastor from the hut, and they told Him that he was going to be  used as a Human Sacrifice to their Forest god.

Pastor Mark was able understand some tribal language.  He was listening to their words; they said that they were going to make him a human sacrifice. Pastor Mark cried out loud to GOD, and he was reminded of his wife, and three children and cried and cried.  Then he prayed  to God, OH GOD MY FATHER, I am coming here to preach your gospel, but I am faced with this critical problem.  HE PRAYED,  For You LORD this is no problem.  Now I surrender  myself into the safety of your hands Jesus.  Oh Father you do your will in my life at this critical time, and I am ready now to give my life.  This is for your Glory Lord.

With in five minutes God had entered into this  situation.  They were ready to give our pastor as a human sacrifice to the forest god.  Then one Naxlite, a good man came to that place.  He could see the position, so he went to talk to the tribal people.  He said, What are you doing?  He is a Pastor,  He's preaching about Jesus in our forest, don't kill him for a human sacrifice. If you give the Pastor for a human sacrifice for your Forest god ,I will immediately bomb your houses. When he said this, immediately they released our Pastor. PRAISE GOD.  Mercifully, Jesus saved him from the forest tribal people.

Praise God Pastor Mark a few days later went back to the village.  Pastor G. Mark and his son Pastor. G. Raviraju went back  to Preach in the same place.  Full of prayer.  Full of the Holy Spirit they went to preach the gospel to same the tribe.  Immediately the tribal people then accepted  Jesus as their Saviour, and are filled with the Holy Spirit

Please pray for our Forest Pastors who work in this area.  Please pray for all who work for Jesus in these Forest field with these ungodly tribes.

Dear Founder, please print out this matter and announce in our L. I. T. N. UK. office.
This is The Current Report of Our Forest Field Pastor G. Mark wrote this letter to me and It translated and sent it to you.  Please Pray.

Yours in His Service. K. Baburao. Senior Pastor.
Life in the Nations International.  A. P, S. India.
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