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A Word for Wales 2006


In 2003 whilst in prayer I received a vision from the Lord, in the vision I saw an embryo being formed, then straightaway I was taken up into heaven, I went through a large ancient wooden door, as I went through the door I found myself up in the air looking down I saw a place of vastness, it was full of massive white marble pillars, there were no walls, to the place no roof only an endless expanse.
At the front there was a very large platform and on it was a throne made out of glass, the back of the throne was shaped into angels wings.
In front of the throne were myriads of angels with their wings spread over their faces; they were all bowed down in worship to the one on the throne.

There was complete silence in heaven, and then I saw the Lord get up from his throne and walk towards the angels.
Then I could see one angel flying in the sky and it was carrying a large book in its hands, the book was open, and on the front of it in bold letters was the word
Proclamation, all of a sudden a dove came from behind took the page out of the book, and it flew towards the map of Wales.
The page became like a large mantel that not only covered Wales but all of U.K,
I asked the Lord what was written on the page he said Numbers 19.
When I read it its heading was THE WATER OF SEPARATION.
I believe that this word is at the centre of the Lords heart for 2006 as we step into all that the Lord has for the Nation of Wales and beyond.


At the beginning of 2006 the Lord said to me 6 is the number of man and in this year of 06, I am getting ready to refine Wales for a great outpouring of the Spirit of God.
What is truly in the hearts of Gods people those hidden sins will be revealed so that they might be cleansed, so that they might seek their own deliverance, and so become a vessel of deliverance to others.
The dividing line of separation is coming down, the Lord reminded me of the film Moses when he came down the mountain and he saw the rebellion that had taken place whilst he was away, when Moses saw this he said “Who is on the Lords side come over to me”, an earthquake struck the ground and a line of separation was formed.


The people of the world are going to see the mark of separation upon those who have come out of the world.
Paul said, “I bear in my body the marks of Christ” Paul’s marks of separation were visibly seen servant hood, humility, compassion, persecution, suffering, sacrifice.
The water of separation was a mixture of the burned ashes of a heifer and clear running water symbolic of the word and the Spirit, there are two things that the Lord is looking for, an inward work of the Holy spirit that will be manifested through an outward mark of separation.
Wales the water of separation is about to poured out, Wales that has been unclean through the controlling spirit of Jezebel, and through the wrong choices of its people will be given a second chance to be separated unto the Lord.
Eph 5:20, 2 Cor 6:17:18, 7: 1.Heb 9:13 - 14


What is about to be birthed in Wales must have the mark of separated upon it.
Samson was separated to be a Nazarite from the Womb Judges 17: 7.
Jeremiah was separated from the womb to be a Prophet Jeremiah 1-    
Paul was separated from the womb to preach amounts the Gentiles. Galatians 1:15


The water of separation the Lord showed to me in the vision covered all of the U.K.  The Lord wants to give us the whole land. Deut 19-8-9.
We must be careful of just having a remnant mentality, which can be manifested through pride of we’ve got it you haven’t; if you want it you can have it, if you don’t then its your loss.
Num. 10:25 we must be like the tribe of Dan who were given the job of the rear guard, they were given the task of protecting those who had fallen back from the main line, through injury, old age, etc; they were responsible for the safety and the encouragement of the people getting them fit and returned back to the battle lines.

The glory of the Lord is touching people in many different ways,
The manifestation for many is like a wild fire, a rushing river, angelic visitation, and open heaven experiences, throne room encounters, which are ours by faith.
But sadly there are many from the old system that were fathers and mothers in the land, in times past, they were pioneers that stood the test of time, many bearing the marks of separation, those who withstood the persecution and ridicule, so that we might step into a greater freedom in the spirit.
Are we to by pass these people or even those who have not yet had the eyes of their hearts opened?

Jer. 18 the Lord formed another pot has he saw fit, but he did not discard the clay but used it again.
Are to forget that they too have a voice, that they are the part of the whole that God wants to use in his end time plans and purposes, no matter how faint the voice might be Gen 2: -16-19, Mal 4:6. Exo 20-12. 1 Sam 22:3-4

Esther’s people the Jews were in captivity at that time but Esther interceded for the whole.
Same with Daniel and his brethren they took the whole captive nation on their hearts and entered into prayer for the sins of all Israel.
God is forging a vessel through which he can reach the whole, it is a difficult thing but it is an area that must be boldly faced if we are to be the vessel that God will use to bring this revival about.
No matter how bad the spiritual condition of those who have been born of God we must not exclude them from the Spirit of fellowship, we must have earnest loving concern for their recovery. The preservation of what is of God must be diligently sought in the Spirit.
While there can be no link with the Spirit of religion, there must be a reaching out in the Spirit to keep the door open for the prodigals.
Are we willing to allow the water of separation to touch our lives, if it already has then perhaps you are the vessel that would intercede for others that they too would be part of the whole.

Pastor Gaynor Rees                  

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