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I received this poster Wed 18.2.04. I don’t know any thing about Brother Yun, but as soon as looked at the poster something began to stir in my spirit, and as I looked at the map of Wales this is what I saw.
(drawing with the poster)

First of all I saw a man standing in the heavens looking down, I see the man having
oriental features wearing a hat that you see on a Chinese official, he is bending over with his arm outstretched and in his hand is a gun, which has been fired, the bullet coming out.

On his back I see him carrying an open container.
Then as I was led to look at the shape of the map, and the portion of what could be seen, I wrote down the names of the places that were prominent.

This is the interpretation I had.
The picture of the man standing up is Brother Yun himself, the man is standing in the heavens, Yun is called The Heavenly Man.
This man has a gun in his hand and a bullet has been fired (God said to Moses “What is in your hand”).
Then the words came to me “Enter The Dragon”, I really believe that when Brother Yun comes to Wales, as he enters the land of the Dragon, something is going to be triggered off in Wales, something big is going to be set in motion, as the gun is fired there will be a sound that will go out, and it will echo through the mountains of Wales, causing them to tremble and to flow down at his presence
Isa 64: 1-4.
Just like a bullet at high speed ricochet off one thing to another, so will this bullet  (The Power of God ), have a knock on effect as it is thrust out into Wales.

The bullet has been fired out the preparation has already been done, by Gods people throughout Wales, the target has been set [Wales for Christ].
Its not ready steady, but GO.
We are to be like that bullet going into the villages, and the towns of South and North Wales, preaching he Gospel, and believing to see the manifestation of the power of God.

The container that he is carrying on his back is the container of the Anointing, and the presence of God. Brother Yun is one of many that will be a carrier of this anointing.
First of all I thought that he was carrying a container of seed, then the Holy Spirit said to me . “No it’s a container of bullets, not one but many, they are bullets of Salvation,
Intercession, Healing, deliverance, Signs and Wonders, these bullets will penetrate right through the defences of the enemy, just like a bullet going through a tin can. The enemy will be exposed and dealt with, and the secrets of men’s hearts will be revealed”.
I then asked the Holy Spirit why I was led to write down these places on the map,   He said Brother Yun is wearing the map of Wales over his body as a mantel, it is not heavy or burdensome, for Jesus said . “My yoke is easy and my burden is light.”
Brother Yun carries Wales upon his heart, and he wears this mantel as an act of
identification with the land and its people.
Please pray for Brother Yuns’ visit to WALES in May that the glory of the Lord rises upon this nation Isa 60 : I-3.       

God Bless
Gaynor Rees,
Life in the Nations International.
The Prophetic Voice
Brother Yun
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