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The desperate prayer that touches the heart of God.   3/10/03

Luke 11 Lazarus had died, Jesus went to him, but before he called him forth. He prayed to his father and said, “Father I thank you that you hear me.”  That intimacy that Jesus had with his father realized the power and authority that was to bring forth life out of death.  Luke 7:11 The widow of Nain was burying her only son; Jesus heard her heartfelt prayer of desperation, so caused him to raise her son back to life.

Our Father longs for a voice that reaches his ear.

2 Kings 4:15-20.  Elisha promised a certain woman that she would have a child and she did a year later she had a son.  One day the child died, and the mother set out to find the prophet of God.

V22 She found Elisha and she told him every thing.  Elisha told her that his servant would go and lay his staff upon the child.  But nothing happened.  The woman said to Elisha “I will not leave you.”  She knew that Elisha had an intimate relationship with God; and that intimacy released the right revelation and authority from God that could bring back her dead son.  She knew that his word was tested, people will recognize the prophetic voice and they will follow.  Elisha heard the heartfelt cry of the woman not just her words but the voice that touched his spirit, and so caused him to respond in a different way; he remembered the same cry from His own heart to the prophet Elijah, when he said 2 Kings: 2 “No I will not leave you,” he could identify with the heart of the woman for a lost child, and for a child that would not receive his full inheritance.

V21  The woman knew that Elisha had the right keys, she went up and laid  her dead son on the bed of the man of God, she shut the door upon him and went out.  She locked the door to the wrong voice; Wales has had many counterfeit voices in the land, that have kept the heavens closed.  The Lords Heart is still saddened by that which is lost, that which has been taken from the land, saddened by the death spirit that steals away our inheritance, our children before they have a chance to change a nation.  The Woman was saying “I will not leave you I will not let you go until you bring back my dead child,” she believed the voice of the prophet, do we as a church believe that God can bring this nation of Wales back to life.  Are we prepared just like Jacob who wrestled with God, and said “No Lord I will not let you go until you bless me, ”and my children, that they might receive their inheritance in full.

Are we prepared like hanna to hold on to God for a dead womb, to life that comes from God hearing the right voice.  2 Chron. 7:14 “If my people who are called by my name will humble themselves and pray and seek my face and turn from their wicked ways, then I will HEAR from heaven, and will forgive their sins and heal their land.”  A heartfelt cry for a lost generation, that heartfelt cry that involves our body, soul and spirit a voice that goes up to God  that takes every thing that we have inside of us, compassion, passion and identification.

V33  Elisha went in, shut the door behind the two of them and prayed to the Lord seeking his face in that place of identification, and it was there that he found the right revelation to meet the need, which brought about a miracle.  Everything that was in Elisha reached out to the dead child, everything that was in him surrendered to his demonstration of the power of God.  Elisha stretched out his body upon the child he put his eyes to the child’s eyes, the Holy Spirit will show us what we need to see, the seers anointing, he put his mouth to the child’s mouth breathing in the life of God, the prophetic word.  Eye to eye are we afraid to look into the eyes of a dead nation because we don’t like what we see, or do we believe that we as individuals cannott make s difference.  Elisha knew that with God he could look into humanity and see the lost, those without hope, he could see with the eyes of Christ.

Elisha put his hands on the child’s hands, the Lord say’s I am the one who will strengthen you for the task, do not be discouraged and do not be afraid, for I will uphold you with my right hand.”

Rev 3:2 strengthen whet remains and is about to die.
Our prayer is “Lord what must we do to recover and bring back to life.  “To him that has an ear let him hear what the spirit is saying to the church.”  When we HEAR the voice of the spirit, then we must not be just hears of the word but doers also.  We must put into practice what he told us to do.  The Rhema word, the now word, then life will come, because it will be a sound that rises from us that will reach God and so cause Him to hear from heaven and so heal our land.  We will come into agreement with God.  The recovery of the dying child will take the heartfelt prayer of repentance.  It will take the heartfelt prayer of a desperate heart.  It will take the church coming into the place of identification with the lost.  It will take you and me coming together into the place of agreement with God and each other.

I believe it will take a complete heart change for many of us in this nation.


Pastor Gaynor Rees,
Life in the Nations - International
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