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More India photographs
India 2007
Welcome Healing Room's The Prophetic voice Revival call. News & updates. Life church. Messenger Photographs Link's
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Site Map. Waters of seperation Philip the 4th. man. 14/4/04 The Angel Decoy 29/2/04 Brother Yun 18/2/04 Theres a whole lot of shaking. 1994 A word of encouragement Intercessors; time for phase two. 7/11/03 Desperate prayer. 3/10/03 The lost coin. 4/10/03 Church without walls. 18/9/03 The bride & Groom.  3/9/03 India Report 2007 India Report 2/04 New beginning. 800 Women find Jesus. Special report-India Holland mission. 18/8/03 Interesting prayer. 17/8/03 Encouragement from Israel. 20/5/03 News with a difference. India 2007 India 2005 More India photographs. More photographs.
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