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Dear Prayer Partners,

I would like to thank you for your prayer commitment over the years.

I believe already this year that the prayer network has gone up a gear in God.

We are pleased to announce that the beginning of February 2008 we held our International prayer day on the first Tuesday of the month at the Gunter grounds in A/ P South India.

This day was part of the Life in the Nations India Crusade and I am glad to say that 45,000 people prayed together in one place at one time for their towns cities and their Nation and for Wales U.K and the nations of the World and also for their politicians, leaders, and statesmen’s.

A great revival and a harvest of souls were received during these 7 days of mission please see mission report.

I was glad to have been able to lead those people in prayer and see this wonderful sight of the army of God rising to their feet in Prayer to the glory of God.

Though the day seminars on prayer was held to equip and release the people to an intermercy with God.

While I was in India we opened the touching heaven Orphanage, to God be the glory.

A special welcome to our new group in the Pakistan who are now praying with us, we hope to see great answers to prayer for you in God.

Please don’t forget the next International day of prayer 5/6/08

You are always in our prayers.

Pastor Martin & Gaynor Rees, Mrs Elsie Pope.

Touching Heaven and Changing Earth Prayer Network.

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