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Life in the Nations International.
Life Cell Groups
What is Cell?
· A cell is a group of people who laid down their own personal agenda to encourage and build up one another.
· A cell is a safe place where individuals can share and be open with each another.
· A cell is a friendly, Godly environment where unbelievers can be invited and introduced to “normal” Christian people and be presented with the gospel in relationship.
What a cell is Not?
· A cell is Not just another program.
· A cell is not just a meeting, but people partnering together.
· A cell is Not a Substitute for the Sunday service.
· A cell is Not just a good thing. It is a God thing! With the unsaved… reaching out in evangelism.
To have Life cell worldwide Overseen by Life in the Nations International .
Goal of the cell group is to grow in three basic relationships:
1. With our God! We say, “Jesus is the reason we gather.
2. With each other. Meet the needs by prayer and action.
3. With the unsaved. Reaching out in evangelism.
Accountability, acceptance, confidentiality, Evangelism, Honesty, openness, Prayer, Praise and worship, sensitivity, support.
Cell is centred around the Cross.
(Prayer and Worship)
(Reaching Out)
(Christian Growth)
(Caring for one another)
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